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Fall 2019

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Collection P: The Deer-Proof Garden

Fritillaria meleagris Narcissus Grand Mixture
As much as we love wildlife, we hate to see deer grazing in our gardens. Flower bulbs that are not normally deer bon-bons include: Allium, Anemone blanda, Camassia, Chionodoxa, Corydalis, Crocus, Dutch Iris, Eranthis hyemalis, Erythronium, Fritillaria, Geranium tuberosum, Galanthus, Hyacinthoides, Hyacinths, Ipheion, Ixiolirion, Leucojum, Muscari, Narcissi, Ornithogalum, Oxalis, Puschkinia and Scilla. Our fragrant, bareroot Herbacecous Peonies are not eaten by deer either.

Estimated planting area: 40 square feet. Top size bulbs. Bloom time: April-July. Plant the smaller bulbs about 5" deep and 5" apart; plant the Narcissi 6" to 8" deep and 6" apart and plant the big Allium bulbs 6" to 8" deep. Horticultural zones: 4-7. Height: 5" to 24". Please note that our collections are shipped in mid-October.

(Please note that due to state agricultural restrictions, we are not permitted to ship Allium bulbs to Idaho or the following 5 counties in the state of Washington: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat.)

(Each variety's photo appears in order as listed from left to right and top to bottom.)

  • 50 Ornithogalum balansae: White star shaped flowers. 5".
  • 50 Allium sphaerocephalon: The Drumstick Allium. Dark crimson-purple. 24".
  • 50 Fritillaria meleagris: The Guinea Hen Flower. Purple and white. 8".
  • 50 Hyacinthoides non-scripta: The English Bluebell. Dark violet-blue. 18".
  • 50 Chionodoxa sardensis: The Glory of the Snow. Bright blue. 5" to 6".
  • 50 Narcissus Grand Mixture: White, yellow and bicolor. 18" to 20".
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