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Fall 2019

The best Dutch flower bulbs at the best prices.

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Discounted Collections

Our special collections have been created so that you may experiment with wonderful companion flower bulbs in smaller quantities at exceptionally low prices. All varieties are individually packaged and labeled. Horticultural information and individual descriptions are included under each variety's listing on our website. The estimated square footage for each collection is based on a single layer, solid planting at the rate of four large bulbs per square foot or nine small bulbs per square foot. The planting coverage will vary based on your particular landscape design. Determine the square footage of your garden by multiplying its width by its depth. Collections are shipped mid-October. All bloom times are approximated for horticultural zone 5 in a normal, prolonged spring. Please note that spring heat spikes can cause flowers to bloom early and perhaps a bit shorter although they will continue to grow in height while they are in bloom. Adjust the estimated bloom times for your clients' gardens according to their horticultural zone or microclimate.