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Fall 2019

The best Dutch flower bulbs at the best prices.

Wedding & Event Favors:

Available from September 4, 2018

There is nothing more lovely than to give flower bulbs as a party favor at fall events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, private parties, memorials, school or family reunions, and corporate meetings.

Flower bulbs are a perfect present: not only are they environmentally friendly, they will create beauty, magic and memories in the spring gardens of your guests. Spring flower bulbs are an eternal symbol of hope and rebirth. Gifts of flower bulbs are like 2+ presents: a gift at the time of the event, and a gift at bloom time!

For late fall and mid-winter gifts of indoor bulbs, Amaryllis bestow huge colorful flowers, and Paperwhites yield sweetly fragrant, delicate white flowers. You may choose from Christmas Flowering Amaryllis bulbs (available for shipment late September), Royal Dutch Hybrid Amaryllis (available for shipment mid October) and our Art & Soul of Winter Gift Box Amaryllis and Paperwhites (available for shipment mid October).

When placing your order, make sure to tell us the event date and by which date you would like them so that you may repackage them in advance.

Varieties for Early Shipment Starting after Labor Day
The following varieties are available for early shipment through Van Engelen immediately after Labor Day. Our entire collection is available in late September with the exception of Dutch Amaryllis, Eremurus, Lilies, Herbaceous Peonies and our Collections (available for shipment in mid-October).

When deciding which variety you would like to give as a present, consider the color, per bulb price, horticultural hardiness and size of each bulb. Bulb size is important as it relates to the number of bulbs that can fit in the package you intend to use. Please note that bulb size is a measurement of circumference around the widest girth of the bulb, not left to right.

If you need help selecting a variety, just give us a call. We would be happy to help you.

Small-Size Bulbs
Crocus vernus Flower Record: This classic pale spectrum-violet Large Flowering Crocus helps wake up the world each spring. Naturalizing Dutch Crocus are one of the earliest portents of spring and are much enjoyed by pollen and nectar hungry bees. Bulb size: 9 cm/up. April. 5". HZ: 4-8. RESERVE NOW.

Crocus vernus Jeanne d'Arc: A highly awarded heirloom circa 1925, Jeanne d'Arc is glistening white with variable purple striations at the flower base and the top of the stem. Bulb size: 9 cm/up. April. 5". HZ: 4-8. RESERVE NOW.

Large-Size Bulbs
Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation: This essential must-grow 'Flowering Onion' has 4" to 5" globe-like clusters of star-shaped, violet-purple florets. Deer- and rodent-resistant, it is stunning for naturalized garden display and cut flower bouquets. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Bloom time: May/June. Height: 24" to 30". Horticultural zone hardiness: 4 through 8. RESERVE NOW.

Peony Flowering Tulip Aveyron: This fluffy, flouncy Double Late is deep rose with paler rose petal edges and prominent green feathering on strong stems. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Late April. 20". HZ: 3-7. RESERVE NOW.

Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulip Big Chief: This 1959 award-winner has enormous flowers that open pale rose-salmon with an exterior silver sheen and a yellow base. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Mid-April/May. 24". HZ: 3-7. RESERVE NOW.

Triumph Tulip Dreaming Maid: Circa 1934, this ethereal beauty opens shimmering violet and matures to darker violet-rose with glistening white edges. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. April/May. 20". HZ: 3-7. RESERVE NOW.

Emperor Tulip Flaming Purissima: This gorgeous White Emperor sport opens ivory to glistening white with an interior yellow center and variable rose flames and feathering that intensify as the blooms mature. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Mid-April. 16" to 18". HZ: 3-8. RESERVE NOW.

Fringed Tulip Fringed Elegance: An award-winning 1974 sport of Jewel of Spring, it is primrose-yellow with pale yellow, crystalline fringe and intermittent, very narrow, red-lined edges. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. May. 24". HZ: 3-7. RESERVE NOW.

Single Late Tulip Rhapsody of Smiles: This shapely Big Smile sport is a luscious blend of yellow and red with variable flames, flushes and stripes. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. May. 16" to 18". HZ: 3-8. RESERVE NOW.

The best way to present a gift of flower bulbs is to repackage them in Chinese food boxes, tulle fabric bundles, paper gift bags or even regular paper lunch bags with holes punched in the sides. Each container can be tailored to the event with hanging gift tags, product label stickers and raffia or ribbon, in colors corresponding to the event. There are numerous online sites through which you can easily create labels or gift tags on which to commemorate the event and identify the flower bulb with brief planting instructions. (Our favorite website is

These types of packaging provide the living flower bulbs with good air ventilation until your guests can bring them home and plant them at the proper time for their area. Regardless of the event date, flower bulbs should not be planted until the ground chills down to around 55 degrees F (after about two weeks of night time temperatures hovering in the 40s). When you place your order, you may ask us to mail you our Horticultural Tips brochure in advance of order receipt so you can prepare your packaging with planting tips. Or, you may use the online horticultural tips detailed for each variety.

Flower Bulb Receipt and Inspection
Open the exterior carton and interior cartons of your flower bulb order and inspect the bulbs. Keep them in a cool, dry spot with good air circulation out of direct sunlight until just prior to repackaging the bulbs before the event. Once repackaged, store the bulbs in a cool, dry spot with good air circulation.