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Fall 2020

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Single Late Tulips

Also known as Darwin or Cottage Tulips and Scheepers Hybrids, Single Late Tulips are perhaps the most popular of all. These long, strong-stemmed Tulips are ideal for both cutting and mass border plantings due to their consistent and reliable performance. Offering an extensive rainbow of colors from white to near black, Single Late Tulips have large, shapely flowers. Scheepers Hybrids, often referred to as French Tulips, are prized for their large, chalice-shaped flowers and genetic vitality. All offspring of the ever-enchanting, tetraploid Tulip Mrs. John T. Scheepers, they include Avignon, Camargue, Dordgone, La Courtine, Maureen, Menton, Menton Exotic, Renown and Roi du Midi. Top size bulbs: at least 12 cm. Bloom time: May. Plant 6" to 8" deep and 6" apart. Horticultural zones 3-8. Height: 16" to 30" depending on the variety.

Tulips are The Art & Soul of Spring.

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