Collection B: Single Early Tulips

Our Single Early Tulip collection creates a stunning and colorful display in Mid-April. Much loved for their early, lustrous, cup-shaped blooms, these varieties are great bedding and cutting flowers. Single Early Tulips are known to be good for forcing. Please see the Tulip Forcing Tips below.

Estimated planting area: 75 square feet. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Height: 12" to 16". Bloom time: April. Plant 6" to 8" deep and 6" apart. Horticultural zones: 3-8. Please note that our collections are shipped in Mid-October. (Each variety's photo appears in order as listed from left to right and top to bottom.)

• 50 Tulip Candy Prince: Whisper pink, lavender glow. 16".
• 50 Tulip Christmas Dream: Fuchsia red, silver sheen, white base. 14".
• 50 Tulip Princess Irene: Marigold-orange, purple flames. 14".
• 50 Tulip Purple Prince: Lilac-purple, beetroot-purple interior. 14" to 16".
• 50 Tulip Sunny Prince: Pale lemon-yellow, darker interior. 14" to 16".
• 50 Tulip White Prince: Ivory to white. 14" to 16".

Tulips are The Art & Soul of Spring.

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