The Statuesque Orienpet Lily Mixture

Our fragrant, imperious mixture of outward- and upward-facing Orienpet Lilies includes a colorful spectrum of ivory, yellow, pink, apricot, burgundy and red bicolors. Bred by crossing Oriental Lilies with Chinese Trumpet Lilies, these OTs or Tree Lilies have a subtle fragrance similar to that of roses and raspberries. They have thick stalks and immense, substantive flowers with a slightly waxy feel and gently recurved petals. Lily Class: Orienpet. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. Plant 6" deep and 12" apart. July/August. HZ: 4-8. Height: 3' to 6'.

Lilies are The Art & Soul of Summer.

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Available in units of 25 with volume discount pricing.

1 Unit 25 bulbs $25.73
2 Units 50 bulbs $47.96
4 Units 100 bulbs $87.68
20 Units 500 bulbs $398.20
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