The Royal Dutch Double Amaryllis Mixture

Our coveted Royal Dutch Double Amaryllis Mixture includes one each of Amadeus Candy, Dancing Queen, Double Dream, Double King and Elvas for a total of five mixed, unlabeled bareroot bulbs (shown left to right and top to bottom). It’s an incredible value! Harvest bulb size: 30/32 cm. After harvest, the bulbs may shrink a bit as they dry: they will plump up again once potted and hydrated. For complete storage, planting and care instructions, click Amaryllis Horticultural Tips below. For holiday gift giving, you may also want to consider our Art & Soul of Winter Double Amaryllis Gift Boxes.

Amaryllis are The Art & Soul of Winter.

Amaryllis Horticultural Tips
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Available in units of 5 with volume discount pricing.

1 Unit 5 bulbs $58.75
2 Units 10 bulbs $115.50
5 Units 25 bulbs $281.75
10 Units 50 bulbs $549.75
20 Units 100 bulbs $1,073.75

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