The Foxtrot Family Special

The combination of Double Early Tulips Foxtrot and its sibling, Foxy Foxtrot, is one of the best signature blends ever. Foxtrot is pale to deep old rose with shimmering white highlights and variable green midveins. Its Foxy child opens citrus-yellow and matures to a rich marmalade-orange with honey-yellow and salmon-rose striations. They bloom at the same time with the same height of just 12” to 14”. They are good for horticultural zones 3 through 7. They are simply stunning together.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced about 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Bloom time: Mid-April. Plant the bulbs 6” to 8” deep and 6” apart.

  • 100 Tulip Foxtrot
  • 100 Tulip Foxy Foxtrot
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    Available in units of 200.

    1 Unit 200 bulbs $83.95
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