The Baker's Dozen Amaryllis Gift Box Special

Our Art & Soul of Winter Baker’s Dozen special is the best in the U.S. It includes two gift boxes each of Apple Blossom, Orange, Picotee, Pink, Red and White, and one White and Red Striped Gift Box. It works out to just $13.06 per gift box! Each Art & Soul of Winter Amaryllis Gift Box contains a beautiful 30/32 cm bulb (except for Picotee that has a 28/30 cm top size bulb), a green plastic pot, lid and saucer and potting medium. Detailed planting and care instructions are included on each box. For complete storage requirements, planting instructions and horticultural information, click:

Amaryllis Horticultural Tips Amaryllis are The Art & Soul of Winter™.

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Available in units of 13.

1 Unit 13 bulbs $169.75
Out of stock
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