Muscari Bling Bling

Long-flowering, this award-winning hybrid has sturdy, densely compacted racemes of shiny violet-blue florets with delicate white rims. Registered in 2013, this garden jewelry sparkles as if it were polished anew each morning. The name Muscari derives from the word musk, due to its slight fragrance. Deer- and rodent-resistant Muscari naturalize readily in well-draining soil and in full to partial sunlight. They make good cut flowers, too. You’ll need about nine bulbs per square foot. Bulb size: 8 cm/up. Full to partial sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: April/May. Plant 5" deep and 3" to 4" apart. HZ: 4-8. Height: 6" to 8".

Muscari are The Art & Soul of Spring.

Muscari Horticultural Tips

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