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Lily regale

Native to western China, The Regal Lily was the first of the Chinese Trumpet Lilies. Introduced to the U.S. in 1905, this prized heirloom has burgundy-white buds that open into fragrant white flowers with butter-yellow throats, a green starburst and a feathered burgundy reverse. It has large, exquisitely formed, slightly recurved, trumpet-shaped flowers that are graced with elegant, long anther-tipped filaments. The outside of each 6"- to 8"-long flower has narrow ridges of luminous green that accents both its coloration and form. Lily Class: Chinese Trumpet. Bulb size: 18/20 cm. July/August. HZ: 4-8. 4' to 6'.

Lilies are The Art & Soul of Summer.

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