Lily regale album

A form of Lilium regale without the burgundy feathering on the reverse, this 1903 heirloom is sumptuously fragrant with bright white flowers accented with a pale chartreuse linear starburst amid its butter-yellow throat. It has large, exquisitely formed, slightly recurved, trumpet-shaped flowers that are graced with elegant, long anther-tipped filaments. The outside of each 6"- to 8"-long flower has narrow ridges of faint, almost imperceptible, chartreuse-green. Lily Class: Chinese Trumpet. Bulb size: 18/20 cm. July/August. HZ: 4-8. Height: 4' to 6'.

Lilies are The Art & Soul of Summer.

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Available in units of 5 with volume discount pricing.

1 Unit 5 bulbs $15.00
5 Units 25 bulbs $66.75
10 Units 50 bulbs $124.25
20 Units 100 bulbs $229.75
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