Lily Casa Blanca

Back again! The standard against which all Oriental Lilies are judged, Casa Blanca returns to our collection after a healthy respite. It has enormous, snow-white flowers with reflexed petal tips and a heady perfume. Abundant producers for lush garden display or summer flower arrangements, Orientals have large reflexing flower petals and a wonderfully sweet fragrance. Plant Orientals near terraces and bedroom windows, alongside well-visited summer porches and in cutting gardens so you may savor their heady fragrance. We ship them to the coldest areas first, just as soon as they are in from the Dutch harvest in mid-October. Lily Class: Oriental. Bulb size: 16/18 cm. Full to partial sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: July/August. Plant 8” deep and 10” apart. HZ: 5-8. Height: 3' to 4'.

Lilies are The Art & Soul of Summer.

Lily Horticultural Tips
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