Gigantic White Amaryllis 40 cm+

Hippeastrum. Its huge, glistening white flowers will out-gleam and out-glitter any blizzard. Each colossal bulb will produce three successive stems adorned with four stupendous flowers. Please note that each year we amass as many colossal white Amaryllis bulbs from a number of varieties based on harvest availability. There will likely be variation between bulbs, and from year to year. It is a general color selection of shades-of-white. Harvest bulb size: 40 cm+. After harvest, the bulb may shrink a bit as it dries: it will plump up again once potted and hydrated. For complete storage, planting and care instructions, click Amaryllis Horticultural Tips below.

Amaryllis are The Art & Soul of Winter.

Amaryllis Horticultural Tips
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