Gigantic Pink Amaryllis 38 cm

Hippeastrum. It’s absolutely gorgeous, bright raspberry-pink with a beaming white starburst. It will chase the blahs out of any dreary winter day. Each colossal bulb will produce three successive stems adorned with four stupendous flowers. Please note that each year we amass as many colossal pink Amaryllis bulbs from a number of varieties based on harvest availability. There will likely be variation between bulbs, and from year to year. It is a general color selection of shades-of-pink. Harvest bulb size 38 cm. After harvest, the bulb may shrink a bit as it dries: it will plump up again once potted and hydrated. For complete storage, planting and care instructions, click Amaryllis Horticultural Tips below.

Amaryllis are The Art & Soul of Winter.

Amaryllis Horticultural Tips
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