Collection W: The Quintessential Fragrant Peony Collection

One of the most coveted of spring days is when double Peonies burst into fragrant bloom. Incredibly easy to grow, deer-resistant and low maintenance, Peonies are among the most dependable and treasured of all perennials. Here are six of the most fragrant Doubles. Horticultural zones: 4-8. 3 to 5 eyes. May/June flowering Please note that our collections are shipped in mid-October. (Each variety's photo appears in order as listed from left to right and top to bottom.)

• 1 Peony Eden's Perfume: Double pink. Mid. 30".
• 1 Peony Festiva maxima: Double ivory, crimson flecks. Mid. 34".
• 1 Peony Koningin Wilhelmina: Pale to deep pink. Mid. 30".
• 1 Peony Moonstone: Double blush-pink to white. Mid. 36".
• 1 Peony Pink Hawaiian Coral: Shades of pink, coral and rose. Mid. 36".
• 1 Peony Raspberry Sundae: Double shades of pink. Early to mid. 32".

Peony Horticultural Tips

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