Collection Q: The Crocus tommasinianus Lawn-of-Dreams

Popularly regarded as NOT squirrel food, our hard-to-find spectrum of Species Crocus tommasinianus will festoon lawns with glistening gems of pale lilac to deep reddish-purple with every shade in between.

Estimated planting area: 55 square feet. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. Bloom time: March-April. Plant bulbs about 5" deep and 5" apart. Horticultural zones: 4-8. Height: 4". Please note that our collections are shipped in mid-October. (Each variety's photo appears in order as listed from left to right, and top to bottom.)

• 100  Crocus tommasinianus Barr's Purple: Amethyst-violet.
• 100  Crocus tommasinianus Lilac Beauty: Soft lilac.
• 100  Crocus tommasinianus Hummingbird: Shades of lilac.
• 100  Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant: Spectrum-violet.
• 100  Crocus tommasinianus Whitewell Purple: Pale silvery-mauve.

Crocus are The Art & Soul of Spring.

Crocus Horticultural Tips

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