Calla aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica. Native to South Africa, the Giant White Calla Lily has arrow-shaped leaves and one to six graceful, trumpet-shaped ivory spathes with central, finger-like, golden spadices. A tender herbaceous rhizome, it may be fall-planted outdoors in HZ 8-10 as a perennial (mulch is a must in HZ 8). Allow the foliage to die back naturally prior to dormancy.

In HZ 3-7, place the rhizomes in a vented bag in peat or sphagnum moss, and store over the winter in 60°F, dark, dry conditions. Plant outdoors after any threat of spring frost has passed: treat them as an annual. Plant the rhizomes about 4" deep, spaced about 1' apart in well-draining soil and full sunlight.

The Calla Lily is a terrific potted plant too. Plant the rhizomes 2" apart, covered with 2" of sterile potting soil in well-draining pots. Once the foliage has faded, stop watering and store the pots in a dark area. After two to three months, cut off the dead foliage and resume watering to recommence growth. They flower in 14 weeks or so once potted. Rhizome size: 14/16 cm. Height: 18" to 24" (or more).
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