Allium schubertii

The Tumbleweed Onion. Circa 1896, this popular heirloom has incredibly huge, airy, 12"-wide umbels of up to 100 mallow-purple florets extended on outright creamy-mauve stems atop a straight, thick and sturdy stalk. When the bud first emerges from its papery sheath, A. schubertii looks like an upright, thick green paint brush. As the floret stems grow and lengthen, it begins to look like spidery fireworks. This is because the tiny flowers are borne on the ends of the floret stems that vary in length from 1/2" to 8" (and even longer). Long-lasting A. schubertii continues to look like garden fireworks as its flowers die back and knobby green seed pods develop. It is rabbit-, rodent- and deer-resistant, and adored by bees, butterflies and pollinators. It makes the most unusual and magnificent cut flower. Bulb size: 14 cm/up. May/June. HZ: 5-8. Height: 16". We are very sorry, but due to state agricultural restrictions, we are not permitted to ship Allium bulbs to Idaho, or to the following five counties in the State of Washington: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat.

Allium are The Art & Soul of Spring and Summer.

Allium Horticultural Tips
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Available in units of 10 with volume discount pricing.

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5 Units 50 bulbs $80.25
10 Units 100 bulbs $147.25
50 Units 500 bulbs $703.25
100 Units 1000 bulbs $1,340.75
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