Peony Red Charm

Recognized as the best deep red double, this 1944 award-winning Glasscock hybrid has gigantic, ruffled, bomb-type deep merlot-red flowers with full, piled-high peaked centers and a sweet-spicy fragrance. Our beautiful prized display and cut flower Herbaceous Peonies have been divided and nursery-grown in the Netherlands for two years prior to export. Each rootstock has varying amounts of roots and three to five eyes for optimum flower production the first spring (some rootstocks may be trimmed of old wood to allow new root growth). Early. (May/June.) HZ: 4-8. 34" to 36" tall and 3' to 4' wide.

Peonies are The Art & Soul of Spring™.

Peony Horticultural Tips
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Available in units of 3 with volume discount pricing.

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2 Units 6 bulbs $75.75
4 Units 12 bulbs $139.50
8 Units 24 bulbs $254.50

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