Pink Narcissi impart a tranquil beauty to spring gardens. While each variety has its own subtle coloration and form, they all have either ivory or yellow petals with cups or cup rims that are a horticultural pink that ranges from apricot- to salmon- to dusty rose-pink.

To avoid having the dawn-tinted charm of Pink Narcissi fade in full sunlight, plant them in dappled sunlight or partial shade so they may mature to their pinkness pinnacles.

You may choose from among Trumpet Daffodils British Gamble, Llanfair and Lorikeet; Large Cupped Narcissi Accent, Audubon, Chromacolor, Coral Light, Dialogs, Faith, Night Cap, Pink Charm, Royal China, Salome and Tom Pouce; Double Narcissi Candy Princess, Delnashaugh, Flower Surprise and Sweet Ocean; Cyclamineus Narcissi Cha Cha, Iwona and Prototype; Jonquilla Narcissi Bell Song, Blushing Lady, Cosmopolitan, Doll Baby and Yazz; and Split-Cup Narcissi Drama Queen, Edinburgh, Electrus, Pink Wonder and Rainbow of Colors.  

Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Large Cupped Narcissus Salome, Jonquilla Narcissus Bell Song, Trumpet Daffodil Lorikeet, Large Cupped Narcissus Accent, Large Cupped Narcissus Dialogs, Large Cupped Narcissus Martha Stewart, Large Cupped Narcissus Chromacolor, Large Cupped Narcissus Tom Pouce, Double Narcissus Delnashaugh, Jonquilla Narcissus Blushing Lady, Split Cup Narcissus Mallee, Jonquilla Narcissus Doll Baby, Large Cupped Narcissus Night Cap, Split Cup Narcissus Edinburgh, Cyclamineus Narcissus Prototype and Split Cup Narcissus Drama Queen.