The Russian word Gudoshnik translates to painter, and Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulip Gudoshnik lives up to its name perfectly. This magical 1950s award winner will paint your garden shades of solid red to creamy yellow with every streak, blaze and stripe between. Like snowflakes, no two blooms are exactly the same. Up to 24" tall, it blooms in mid-April/May in horticultural zone 5, and is hardy in zones 3 to 7.

We adore color-shifting, magical Tulips. Some feature spectacular color differences from flower to flower. Others open one color and change to another. Some are one color in cool temperatures and a slightly different color in warmer temperatures.

Here is a list so that you can click through and decide which will paint your family's garden with an ever-changing surprise tableau of colors. They're each uniquely beautiful!

Tulip Antoinette
Tulip Big Chief
Tulip Burning Heart
Tulip Cream Jewel
Tulip Daydream
Tulip El Nino
Tulip Flaming Parrot
Tulip Flaming Purissima
Tulip Foxy Foxtrot
Tulip Rhapsody of Smiles
Tulip Silverstream
Tulip Slawa
Tulip Sonnet
Tulip Sorbet
Tulip Spryng Break
Tulip World Expression