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Fall 2019

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Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation
Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation is one of the best deals on the planet. First: It is deer- and rodent-resistant. Second: It is a really good perennial, even a good naturalizer. Third: Its showy flowers bloom in the garden's in-between time~after the Narcissi and Tulips, and before summer annuals and perennials burst into bloom. Fourth: Bees adore them. Fifth: They are amazingly long-lasting~so very beautiful before they bloom, while they're blooming and after they bloom. Sixth: It is a fabulous cut flower. Seventh: They're incredibly affordable: 100 for just $38.25, 500 for $183.25, 1,000 for $349.75 and 5,000 for just $1,667.00! For us, it is a must-plant in virtually every garden.
One of our Top Ten Must-Plants
We're serious. If you were to ask us what are the top ten flower bulbs to plant ....Read more

Allium bulgaricum
Although we've kept it nestled among its Allium cousins, this unusual and prized variety is currently classified as Nectaroscordum siculum subsp. bulgaricum. One may ask, why is it no longer an Allium and what does Nectaroscordum mean? According to John E. Bryan's brilliant two-volume work Bulbs, "nectar" refers to the preferred beverage of the Olympian gods and "scordum" alludes to the smell of garlic. Unlike Allium, although closely related, the three or four varieties in the genus Nectaroscordum have more nerves, have swollen flower stalk tips and are capable of producing more seeds per plant.

Bulgaricum's Magic Show
If you have ever observed the evolution of nervy Allium bulgaricum....Read more

Allium Globemaster
Our love affair with Allium Globemaster continues unabated~there is nothing about it that we don't adore. It is the best tall globe-shaped Allium ever. It is healthy, strong and magnificently purple in luxurious shades of aster-violet that brighten or deepen in blazing sunshine or evening dusk (you can see the difference sunlight makes in these photos). Its colossal globes measure up to 10" around and are comprised of hundreds of little star-shaped florets that burst into bloom with delicate filament-like stamen. Exhilarated bees congregate gleefully around the gargantuan blooms, like pulsars orbiting purple suns. Globemaster makes our garden a really happy place, like a birthday garden party filled with purple balloons magically suspended 24" to 36" above the ground. Globemaster puts on one incredible show, giving the garden other-worldly natural architecture for weeks on end......Read more

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea
One of the most widely used varieties of Camassia in Dutch show gardens, deer-resistant Camassia leichtlinii caerulea has six-petaled, deep green, upright, sword-like foliage around the base of its flower-encrusted racemes. It is stunning as a cohesive backdrop for a lengthy perennial bed, in substantive clusters among yet-to-flower summer perennials or in seemingly uncultivated woodland drifts in full to filtered sunlight.

3' Foot Racemes of Star-Shaped Sapphire Flowers
Carefree and long-blooming in May/June in horticultural zone 5, its dainty star-shaped flowers start opening from the bottom of the flowering racemes, eventually blooming to the top of its blue-to-green spikes. Its sapphire-indigo coloration varies in intensity....Read more

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea Blue Heaven
One of the most sought after colors for spring garden retreats is pale blue. Real pale blue perennials are rather uncommon, so when we find one that we adore, we have to share it with you. Pale blue flowers planted in substantive clusters among verdant green hostas, ferns and early summer perennial foliage creates the look and feel of an upscale, relaxing sanctuary garden.

One-of-a-Kind Pale Sky-Blue
Camassia leichtlinii caerulea Blue Heaven is the coveted cross between Camassia cusickii and Camassia leichtlinii caerulea. We first encountered it a Dutch nursery back in 2006 and shamelessly begged for it until 2008, when we introduced it to the U.S. It is the most delicious, heavenly shade of pale blue imaginable. Like its parents, deer- and rodent-resistant ....Read more

Hyacinthoides hispanica Excelsior
Eager, Prolific Naturalizers
Previously classified as Endymion or Scilla campanulata, Hyacinthoides hispanica Excelsior has over a dozen pendant, 3/4", bell-shaped, blue-violet flowers with darker marine-blue midveins on 12" to 15" stems. (Over time, as it establishes itself, it may grow even taller depending on sunlight and site conditions.) Each flower has two narrow matching bracts at the stem juncture. Its romantic, somewhat fairy tale-like, flowering stems grow above substantive, thick, strappy blue-green foliage that emerges before the flowers, and lasts well afterwards. Native to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), it is a cherished heirloom, dating back to the early 1600s. Excelsior multiplies by the formation of little bulblets on the sides of each mother bulb and, possibly, by reseeding itself once it has established itself happily in...Read more

Fragrant Chinese Trumpet Lilies
We are enamored again with Chinese Trumpet Lilies as if we had just seen them for the first time. It is hard to imagine that such an impressive, huge, statuesque plant can emerge so effortlessly from a bulb (but a mere fraction of its size) planted last fall. It is hard to imagine any genuine summer garden without them.

Huge, Multitudinous Fragrant Flowers
Your clients will be amazed at the sheer number and size of their exquisitely formed, slightly recurved, trumpet-shaped flowers that are graced with elegant, long anther-tipped filaments. The outside of each 6"-long flower has narrow ridges of luminous green accenting its coloration and form. The stature and magnificence of first year blooms is astounding, yet each...Read more

Fragrant, Statuesque Orienpet Lilies
Adored for their magnificent presence in display beds and abundant cut-flower arrangements, Orienpet Lilies contribute spectacular color and form, statuesque height and cherished fragrance to mid-summer gardens. With so many summer gardening tasks to be accomplished, it is a gift to have Lilies burst into bloom, having required no care since their fall planting.

Well-Bred for Beauty, Strength and Fragrance

The class of Orienpet Lilies, also known as "OT" Hybrids, was created by breeders who crossed Chinese Trumpet Lilies with Oriental Lilies. Well-bred Orienpets inherited the best of both parents...and then some. These prized interspecific crosses have superior disease-resistance, enhanced reliability a....Read more

Muscari aucheri Blue Magic
Muscari aucheri Blue Magic is truly a magical gift from Mother Nature. It is incredible how this tiny little bulb can produce such delicate, intricate, fragrant flowers and such a huge spring show.

Heirloom Magic
Muscari aucheri Blue Magic is a selection out of Muscari aucheri, a Turkish native dating back to 1871. In a nutshell, and from a bit of a distance, Blue Magic is vivid deep sky-blue. Yet on closer inspection, each shimmering spike has a delicate and detailed color design: the top hat of fertile florets is sky blue with sterile, bead-shaped, darker sky blue florets in the middle and slightly open, deep sky blue florets with white mouths at the base. The first time that we walked in a huge field of Muscari aucheri Blue Magic in Holland is forever etched.....Read more

Green Tulip China Town
Green Tulip China Town makes spring worth waiting for. It noses its way into the world as the sun strengthens and the ground really warms up, after most of the early and mid-season bloomers have faded. Before you know it, China Town unfurls its striking white-edged, blue-green foliage like little garden explosions. That is when the real fun begins~don't take your eyes off of them for one day. All of a sudden, you will notice thick buds emerging from the foliage, camouflaged by their matching white-edged blue-greenness, poised for takeoff like floral missiles. One by one, the buds burst into the most beautiful pale pink flowers with prominent green feathering, perched above their peacock-worthy, two-tone foliage. Each day, particularly when planted in dappled sunlight, the flowers deepen in color, finally maturing to deep phlox-pink with somewhat less prominent green feathering......Read more

Triandrus Narcissus Thalia
Blithe, snow-white Triandrus Narcissus Thalia has been a perennial favorite since 1916 when she was registered in the Netherlands. Related to the original Narcissus triandrus found in the wild, award-winning Thalia has two to three, pendant, star-shaped flowers per stem that poise above slender, deep green foliage. Also known as the "Orchid Narcissus", this demure heirloom has graceful, spreading, slightly recurved flower petals encircling a long, slightly ribbed, cup-shaped crown. As Thalia naturalizes and matures over the years, she may even bear up to five flowering stems per bulb~she is both beautiful and generous, and, like a welcome old friend, she’ll revisit your garden every spring.
Blooming a bit later than many Narcissus varieties (particularly the first year when she can be two weeks later then in subsequent years.....Read more

Peony Festiva maxima
Herbaceous Peonies are truly one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to the garden. While we love them all, we're convinced that Festiva maxima would show up on every horticulturist's top ten, no, make that top five, list of all-time favorites for display and cutting gardens

Blizzard White with Graceful Raspberry Highlights
Circa 1851, Festiva maxima's firm, knobby, crimson-edged green buds open to reveal silky petals in the softest shade of whisper-pink. As the buds plump up and unfurl, this acclaimed Miellez hybrid double pales to luxurious creamy-white with intermittent raspberry-crimson flecks and striations. Ultimately, its large, thick, petticoat-flouncy flowers mature to glistening blizzard-white with occasional raspberry accents. ......Read more

Peony Raspberry Sundae
Another one of our top five favorite Herbaceous Peonies for both garden display and cut flower arrangements is Raspberry Sundae. It's a must-grow for decades of beautiful, fragrant perfection.

It's the Bomb
If you and your clients are searching for an incredibly showy, absolutely huge pink double with a soft, sweet fragrance, you needn't look any further. Raspberry Sundae is the best bomb-shaped double ever. Circa 1968, this Klehm hybrid has gigantic 10" pale pink flowers ringed in gold and bursting with an explosive center of pale to raspberry-pink petals that mature to pale whitish-pink.
Raspberry Sundae is incredibly floriferous. As it matures, the plants grow to about 2 1/2' tall and 3' to 4' ......Read more