Elegant Lily Flowering Tulips have slightly reflexed, curvaceous flowers for a stylish, almost fluted vase form. They’re available in a sumptuous range of colors. Each variety has its own unique attributes. Ballerina is fragrant. Ballade, Budlight, Elegant Lady, Fire Wings, Marianne and Whispering Dream are enchanting two-tone beauties. Green Star and Virichic have beguiling green flames reminiscent of Viridiflora Tulips. Sonnet is a color-shifting magician. Yonina has a spotlight of a plum-blue interior base with a white starburst. Mariette and White Triumphator, dating back to the 1940s, have won numerous horticultural awards for their exquisite form and coloration. Marilyn is one of our favorites: it may make a stately display or stage a garden party with exuberant breeze dancing. Merlot and Purple Dream are deep wine-red and purple, and serve as perfect companions in contrast to paler beauties. (HZ: 3-7)

Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Lily Flowering Tulips Purple Dream, Ballerina, Whispering Dream, White Triumphator, Elegant Lady, Mariette, Budlight, Sonnet, Ballade, Marilyn, Virichic, Marianne, Green Star, Yonina, Fire Wings and Merlot.