Flouncy, extravagant Double Narcissi are serious garden jewelry.

Defined by the Royal Horticultural Society, they have “one or more flowers to a stem, with doubling of the perianth segments or the corona or both”.

There are many forms found within this Narcissus division. Fragrant heirloom varieties Cheerfulness and Yellow Cheerfulness have clusters of smaller flowers with overlapping petals and a cup filled with bicolored segments. Candy Princess, the double form of Accent, and Ice King, the double form of Ice Follies, have rather ‘normal’ petals yet densely packed cups of corona segments. Bridal Crown, a fabulously fragrant award-winner, has clustered puffballs with layers of petals as well as layers of corona segments. Delnashaugh, Easter Born, Eline, Le Torche, Flower Parade, Sweet Ocean, Tahiti, White Medal and White Lion all have large lavish flowers with interspersed perianth and corona layers. Gay Tabor is artfully sculpted with the precision and splendor of a Faberge egg. Lingerie and Sherborne have incredibly strong stems and outward-facing flowers that take one’s breathe away. Flower Surprise is in a triple Narcissus league of its own.

Our Double Narcissi range in height from 14” to 20” and generally bloom in April/May in horticultural zones 3 through 8. They make incredibly lush arrangements.

Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Tahiti, Cheerfulness, Delnashaugh, Sherborne, Flower Parade, Easter Born, Lingerie, Gay Tabor, Ice King, Candy Princess, Bridal Crown, Flower Surprise, Yellow Cheerfulness, Sweet Ocean, White Lion and Le Torch.