Apricot is one of the most versatile colors one could possibly add to a garden. A nebulous floral blend of orange, yellow and an occasional flush of pink, a bit warmer than but often confused with peach, lighter than coral and more complex than salmon, it blends happily with myriad hues, and acts as a graceful mediator between colors that might otherwise clash.

There are a plethora of Apricot Narcissi and Tulips from which to choose when adding this intriguing color to your spring garden. To really highlight those luscious apricot hues, consider pairing them with ivory and white blooms, or blend them with any of the colors that make up apricot.

Pictured, left to right, top to bottom: Tulip Apricot Impression, Narcissus Chromacolor, Tulip Charming Beauty, Tulip Apricot Beauty, Narcissus Delnashaugh, Tulip Daydream, Narcissus Accent, Tulip Foxy Foxtrot, Tulip Stunning Apricot, Narcissus Tom Pouce, Tulip Lambada, Nacissus Candy Princess, Narcissus Yazz, Tulip Sensual Touch, Narcissus Soestdijk and Tulip Dordogne.