Tulip Angelique

This classic favorite is from the palest whisper-pink to pale rose with darker flushes, white highlights and pale creamy pink edges. Tulip Class: Peony Flowering (Double Late). Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Late April. HZ: 3-7. Height: 18". This huge field of Tulip Angelique sparkling in its North Holland bulb field was truly breathtaking.

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Tulips are The Art & Soul of Spring.

Tulip Horticultural Tips
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Available in units of 100 with volume discount pricing.

1 Unit 100 bulbs $39.55
5 Units 500 bulbs $188.50
10 Units 1000 bulbs $359.10
50 Units 5000 bulbs $1,752.00
Out of stock
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