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Fall 2020

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The Hyacinth Forcing and Exhibition Collection

For those of you participating in garden club exhibitions and competitions, we’ve imported our favorite forcing varieties one size larger: bulb size 18/19 centimeters. This collection is also perfect for those of you interested in planting the largest possible bulbs in your home’s display gardens for scheduled tours, or phenomenal personal enjoyment. Our 18/19 cm size exhibition bulbs produce huge, rigid and uniform, fragrant flower spikes studded with slightly reflexed, tubular florets, or nails, and three to four, upright strappy leaves. Please keep in mind that these bulbs produce such large, heavy flowering racemes that they will need to be supported with green bamboo stakes. Individually packaged and labelled, it includes five each of Blue Jacket, City of Haarlem, Delft Blue, Jan Bos, Pink Pearl and White Pearl. You’ll need about four bulbs per square foot. Bulb size: 18/19 cm. Full to partial sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: April. Plant 6" deep and 6" apart. HZ: 4-8. Height: 8" to 12".

Hyacinths are The Art & Soul of Spring.

Hyacinth Horticultural Tips

Hyacinth Forcing Tips

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