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Fall 2019

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Singing the Blues Heirlooms

Vibrant blue drifts of Chionodoxa forbesii, thick clusters of Allium azureum and swaths of Hyacinthoides hispanica Excelsior and Camassia quamash help make spring gardens sing the blues from April into June. All deer- and rodent-resistant, these naturalizing heirlooms will chase away winter blues for years on end.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Top size bulbs. HZ: 4-7.

  • 100 Allium azureum: 1830. The Blue of the Heavens. Cornflower-blue. Bulb size: 4 cm/up. June. HZ: 4-7. 24” tall.
  • 100 Camassia quamash: 1837. The Indian Hyacinth. Lavender-blue spires. Bulb size: 6 cm/up. May/June. HZ: 4-8. 15” tall.
  • 100 Chionodoxa forbesii: 1880. Glory of the Snow. Rich blue, white centers. Bulb size: 5 cm/up. April. HZ: 3-8. 5” to 6” tall.
  • 100 Hyacinthoides hispanica Excelsior: 1700. The Spanish Bluebell. Blue-violet. Bulb size: 8 cm/up. May. HZ: 3-8. 12” to 15” tall.
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