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Fall 2019

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The Peonies-for-Pennies Special

If you could add up the number of massive Peony stems that would be cut from any of these bareroot Herbacoues Peonies over time, we are sure that each stem would cost mere pennies.

Incredibly easy to grow, deer-resistant and low maintenance, Peonies are among the most dependable and treasured of all perennials. It is much more economical, and wise from a horticultural perspective, to plant Peony rootstocks in the fall rather than containerized plants in the spring. Here we have grouped four of our Peonies for armloads of cut Peonies every spring.

Individually bagged and labeled, our Peonies-for-Pennies Special is 20%-off normal pricing: just $5.83 per rootstock (plus shipping). Top size rootstocks nursery grown in the Netherlands with 3 to 5 eyes. Bloom time: May/June. Plant 2" deep and 3' to 4' apart. Horticultural zones 4-8.

  • 3 Peony Bowl of Beauty: Fragrant. Fuchsia-pink, pale lemon-yellow staminoide segments with white highlights. Early to mid. 32".
  • 3 Peony Koningin Wilhelmina: Fragrant. Pale pink to deep fuchsia-pink with paler edges. Mid. 30".
  • 3 Peony Riches and Fame: Deep violet-pink. Mid. 28" to 30".
  • 3 Peony Top Brass: Scented. Ivory-white, canary-yellow and white petaloid segments. Mid. 34".
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