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Fall 2019

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The Coppery Show-Offs Special

There is something quite special about planting parent and child naturalizers especially when they share the same sultry, coppery golden-orange petals, scarlet cups and showy appeal of Small Cupped Narcissus Altruist and its progent, Large Cupped Narcissus Limbo.

Individually bagged and labeled, it is specially priced 20% less than our already terrific prices. Normal shipping charges apply. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. Bloom time: April. Plant 6" to 8” deep and 6" apart. Horticultural zones 3-7.

  • 50 Small Cupped Narcissus Altruist: (3 O-R) This award-winner has a 3" copper-yellow perianth that pales as it matures, and a shallow, bowl-shaped crimson-orange cup. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. April. HZ: 3-8. 14" to 18".

  • 50 Large Cupped Narcissus Limbo: (2 O-R) This 1984 Brian Duncan hybrid has a 4” golden-orange perianth and a shallow, bowl-shaped deep orange-red cup. 18” to 20”.
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