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Fall 2020

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There is nothing better after a long winter than to see the first Species Crocus poking their little heads through the soil. How lucky we are that Large Flowering Crocus follow about two weeks later for a slightly larger, encore performance! Both are terrific naturalizers. Species Crocus may be planted en masse in lawns (hold off mowing until the foliage dies back naturally). Both Species and Large Flowering Crocus may be incorporated into rock gardens, garden beds and pathside borders for early spring color. Crocus bulbs are really “corms” with either a smooth (annulate) tunic or a fibrous (reticulate or netted) tunic. Meaning saffron in Greek, Crocus sativus (not in our collection) is the variety used in harvesting the expensive spice threads that are the flower’s stigmas. One would need 75,000 flowers to yield just one pound of saffron! We’ve separated Species Crocus and Large Flowering Crocus into their own little sections to make variety selection a little easier.

Crocus are The Art & Soul of Spring.

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