Collection M: Perfect Naturalizing Narcissus Mates

Here, we have paired Large Cupped Narcissus Golden Salome with its parent, Large Cupped Narcissus Salome. They are absolutely perfect together. Both are terrific naturalizers, have about 3” wide flowers, grow to about the same height and share the same bloom time. Salome is an award-winning Irish naturalizer with a 3” pure white perianth and a long funnel-shaped cup of apricot-pink to old rose with yellow edges. Its off-spring, Golden Salome, is a 3” creamy-yellow flower with a long, golden-yellow cup.

Estimated planting area: 25 square feet. DN II bulb size: 14/16 cm. Bloom time: April. Plant 6" to 8" deep and 6" apart. Horticultural zones: 3-7. Height: 18" to 20". Please note that our collections are shipped in mid-October.

• 50 Large Cupped Narcissi Golden Salome: (2 Y-Y) Pale creamy-yellow flower golden-yellow cup.
• 50 Large Cupped Narcissi Salome: (2 W-PPY) Pure white perianth and a long funnel shaped cup of apricot-pink to old rose with yellow edges.

Narcissi are The Art & Soul of Spring™.

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