Collection L: Fragrant Naturalizing Jonquilla Narcissi

All sweetly fragrant, these exquisite Jonquilla Narcissi each bear from two to six small cupped flowers with slender, almost grass-like, foliage. We have become increasingly more enamored with them for both their beauty and charming scent. Estimated planting area: 50 square feet. DN II bulb size: 12/14 cm. Height: 12" to 16". Bloom time: May. Plant 6" to 8" deep and 6" apart. Horticultural zones: 5-9. Please note that our collections are shipped in mid-October. (Each variety's photo appears in order as listed from left to right and top to bottom.)

• 50 Narcissus Golden Echo: (7 WWY-Y) White, golden halo, golden yellow stovepipe cup. 12" to 14".
• 50 Narcissus Pipit: (7 YYW-W) Sulfur-yellow, white cup. 14" to 16".
• 50 Narcissus Sweet Love: (7 W-YYW) Ivory-white, butter-yellow to ivory cup. 14" to 16". 
• 50 Narcissus Yellow Sailboat: (7 Y-Y) Lemon-yellow. 10" to 12".

Narcissi are The Art & Soul of Spring™.

Narcissus Horticultural Tips

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