Van Engelen

Fall 2013

The best Dutch flower bulbs at the best prices.

Celebrate Spring with Early Bird Specials
After this dreadfully long, severe winter, we are celebrating spring with Early Bird Website Specials so that you and your clients can banish forever bland vistas and look forward to the perennial early spring hope, color and spirit that only Dutch flower bulbs can deliver. Nothing dissolves winter blahs like early sightings of Galanthus, Rock Garden Iris, Crocus and early blooming Narcissi. Credit cards are never charged for early reserve orders until they are prepared for fall shipment at the proper time for planting in your area. Like us on Facebook for flash alerts of our ever-changing Website Specials.

Our website will be completely updated with our 2014 fall flower bulb collection no later than May 14th. Except for the Early Bird Specials and Amaryllis, all of the varieties, descriptions and pricing on our website are for reference only until our website is updated for Fall 2014. Van Engelen's 2014 Wholesale Price List will be winging its way around the U.S. for receipt the week of May 26th.

Need Amaryllis? We have a limited selection 30%-off: South African varieties Razzle Dazzle, First Love and Rozetta and Dutch varieties Exotica, Rosalie, Summertime, Double Record, Jewel, Nymph, Green Goddess and Misty. Check our Availability List. We are shipping Amaryllis bulbs out as night time temperatures permit. Call us if you have any questions or need help with your selections: we are here to assist you 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.